Trust Services, Corporate Services

Trust services, corporate services

We prepare and manage tailored solutions for our clients aimed at preserving wealth, property management, and planning of intergenerational wealth transfer to children and other individuals.

Our services comprise the following:

  • Formation and administration of business corporations, holding structures, trusts, foundations and endowment funds, off-shore structures, including external international tax planning services;
  • Structuring of asset control, asset management and protection - private equity, real estate, intellectual property, yachts and airplanes, and works of art;
  • Nominee services, services of a trustee, trust protector, management board of endowment funds, and endowment fund protector;
  • Regulation of marital property regime;
  • Intergenerational succession in terms of family wealth (inheritance, testaments, succession agreements, bequests, donations, and support); and
  • Family office services (management of family wealth), including external services of personal bankers, asset managers or tax advisors, even abroad, mostly in Switzerland.
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