Klára TomaierováYou know where you are and where you are going. Your strategy has clear objectives. You are ambitious and demanding. You are goal oriented. However, you understand that specialized services of top level consultants may take you even further. If this is the case, we are your natural partner. After all, clients like you can bring out the best in us. With missions that pose a permanent challenge. With cases that compel us to find new solutions and think outside the box. Demands that require critical assessments of generally accepted practices and routines. The way we operate and think is always based on the aforementioned principles.

Legal services

In providing our services, we focus solely on results. We focus on support and solutions that progress your business plans towards your goal. Our independent thinking and creative ideas, together with individuality and innovations, represent the difference between a qualified service and superior legal services. Be demanding. Experience the difference.

Even though we specialize in dispute resolution and arbitration, construction and real estate, public procurement, insolvency and restructuring, and commercial law, we can offer excellent legal services in other areas of law.



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